Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns


I've never done this before...

Most of my clients have never done a photo shoot before so I always make it a point to help them feel comfortable.  I have shot men and women of all shapes and sizes so you have nothing to worry about.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We prefer our clients to book at least 2 weeks in advance.  If you need to book last minute, we might be able to schedule you in with a $25 booking  fee.

Why should I use a professional makeup artist?

Makeup artists are trained in the science of color and makeup application. Applying makeup that will be photographed is MUCH different than applying makeup for day-to-day wear. She will not only consider your skin tone, hair color and eye color, but also the colors of your outfits along with the location and the types of light sources present when your photos are taken.

Photographs reduce your appearance to a two dimensional view and it takes training to shade, contour and highlight a face subtly and correctly.

Why is a stylist important?

When a stylist works on a photoshoot, he or she basically chooses the clothing, the accessories, and/or the general “look” of the model for the shoot.  Once the “concept” for the shoot has been finalized with the photographer, the stylist must then pull the clothing for the shoot.  You never know how things will work out on the day, and it is important that there are alternatives if things don’t work out as planned. In order to pull the outfits, the stylist will consult lookbooks, contact PR’s and showrooms, and sometimes pull directly from stores.  

Our stylist can help you find the best outfits from your own wardrobe, go shopping with you or go shopping for you to find the best look for your shoot.  She will take the best care to make sure your portfolio will stand out with versatility to agencies.

Can you get me modeling jobs?

Technically, no.  We don't talk to agencies or submit for aspiring models.  We can point you in the right direction, give you a little advice, and provide excellent portfolio images for you to take to agencies.  It's up to the model to find an agency and invest in her portfolio.

I'm insecure about my stretch marks/skin, can you make it look better?

YES!  I am a woman myself and have experienced all of those insecureties that can be daunting when trying to take photos.  I have become proficient in photoshop with an emphasis on skin correction.  No worries, I know what everyone wants to look like in their photos.

Will my photos be a part of your portfolio?  Will others see my photos?

NO.  The only time photos end up in my portfolio is if I plan a portfolio shoot with my team and a hired model.  The only time clients end up in my portfolio, is if I ask for permission and have them sign a contract giving me permission to use their images.



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